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1000 - 4000 ₹30.00 ( Price Per Unit )
4001 - 5000 ₹20.00 ( Price Per Unit )
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Per App Installation Rate Rs. 25/- Per App, per day
Minimum Qty – 1000 application
About App Installation Activity
App installation activity is basically for related internet industries. Our target to install the app in target customer. In today time customer want to know something innovative so here we are. We deliver your app to local client by briefing them about the app.
We are basically working on crowd places like mall, garden, society or market area
Lazycom is a special agency for App Installation in Vadodara . You can contact us to get best rates for promotion.
Figures out details of visibility

  • In Vadodara 120 lakhs People.
  • 50% public give response to our promoter regarding the app.

How will execute

  • Campaign Duration and start date.
  • We will take 2 working days for start the activity.
  • Activity will execute after receiving the discussed advance payment only.


  • Area bifurcation
  • Data Record
  • Daily Reports
  • Daily working hours 08 per day

1. Training Guideline
2. T Shirt , cap or extra logistics provide by client.
3. 18% GST


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