According to size

Quantity Price
20000 - 30000 ₹0.90 ( Price Per Unit )
31000 - 50000 ₹0.65 ( Price Per Unit )
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Important Notes

  • Design will be made as per the size of the cup.
  • Image will be shared only at the beginning of the activity.

About Paper cup Branding

Ad is displayed on the outside surface of paper cups which gets you where the usually busy consumers can recognize your brand instantly.Paper Cup Advertising is a unique and fast growing media option that targets various groups of people. The Target zones are colleges, Offices, Local Tea Vendors, Hotels, IT Parks, etc. Placing ads in Paper cup in Vadodara grabs the attention of the passer-by thus creating a larger impact on the overall targeted market. Lazycom is a specialist agency for Paper cup branding in Vadodara. You can contact us to get best rates for Branding.

Figures out details of visibility

  • In Vadodara 500+ offices, 100+ Colleges and 1500+ Tea vendors In addition to consumption
    data of offices and colleges.
  • Companies and colleges. This enables you to specifically target demographics to meet your
    campaign objectives.

How will execute

  1. Submit the design in CDR format only
  2. We will send design for conformation for printing & installation.
  3. We will take 05 to 07 working days for start the activity
  4. Activity will execute after receiving the discussed advance payment only.


  1. Printing
  2. Area bifurcation


  1. Design
  2. Supervision


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