Poster in inside (ATM Branding)


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Important Notes

  • Choice Area related to your business
  • Tell us the area of the decision

About ATM Branding

Ad is displayed on customer receipt, ATM Screen, Poster Inside ATM Room etc. ATM Branding can
be mainly targeted for wage earner of the family. ATM advertising is possible through
private ATM networks. ATM Advertising offers various media options to marketers such as glass
branding, screen branding & receipt branding. ATM Advertising can be effectively used by brands that
intend to reach out to Debit card holders. Lazycom is a specialist agency for ATM Branding. You can contact us to get best rates for Branding.

Figures out details of visibility

  • Over 15000 up ATMs.
  • The average use ATM thousands people in a day.
  • Top lit panel, back lit panel like branding Attracting people.

How will execute

  1. Submit the design in CDR format only.
  2. We will send design for confirmation for printing & installation.
  3. We will take o5 to 07 working days for start the activity.
  4. Activity will execute after receiving the discussed advance payment only.

Inclusion- printing, Installation, Area bifurcation
Exclusion- Design, supervision, 18 % GST


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