Mobile Van Hoarding (Mobile Vans Branding)


per van one day. Size- 16 x 8 ft.

The above prices are exclusive of printing and mounting charges, if applicable.

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Important Notes

  • Choice of Area
  • Target audience
  • Client has to deliver all the materials before one day of the activity.

About Mobile Vans Branding

Mobile Van advertising is carried out by fixing an illuminated billboard, displaying the advertisement on a truck whish moves around the city and can be parked at targeted places. You can contact us to get best rates for Branding.

Figures out details of visibility

  • Advertising in Mobile vans enables you to strategically target a time-specific
  • Mobile Vans offer advertisement in the form of vertical and backlit in design or
    standard design.

How will execute

  1. Submit the design in CDR format only.
  2. We will send design for confirmation for printing & installation.
  3. We will take o5 to 07 working days for start the activity.
  4. Activity will execute after receiving the discussed advance payment only.


  1. Printing
  2. Installation
  3. Area bifurcation


  1. Design
  2. Van rent
  3. Supervision
  4. 18 % GST


  1. Mobile vans will travel 40 Km per day.
  2. Mobile vans are not allowed in high traffic areas.
  3. It will run for 8 hours in a day.


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