Doors (Cab Branding)


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Important Note

  1. Cab selection
  2. Choice of activity

About Cab Branding.

Cab Advertising is one of the most popular city level media. Advertising on Cabs allows advertisers to reach out to their target group within a city. Cab Advertising has one of the lowest cost per reach among all non traditional media options. Cabs are an essential part of transport system and are part of city life. Cab advertising is a premium out-of-home advertising format utilising this unique space. Branded Cabs spend their working days in the busiest parts of the city reaching a concentrated and varied audience.Different type of cabs runs city- Lazy tricks cab, ola cab, uber cab, musafir taxi, patel cab. Lazycom is a specialist agency for Cab Branding . You can contact us to get best rates for Branding.

Figures out details of visibility

  • Cab in travel around 200 – 250 km in a day.
  • Each Cab does about 10 trips every day approx.
  • In Cab they carry 15-20 unique people per day.
  • Cabs are mostly used for offices, shopping, colleges & other regular travels.

How will execute.

  1. Submit the design in CDR file format Only
  2. We will send design for conformation for printing & installation.
  3. We will take 05 to 07 working days for start the activity.
  4. Activity will execute after receiving the discussed advance payment only.

Inclusion- Printing, Installation, Area bifurcation.
Exclusion- Design, supervision, 18% GST.


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